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About Us

About us

We are a community of trail runners who are committed to providing a supportive environment where you can develop your running skills, build enduring friendships and enjoy the simple pleasure of running with others every week. Live To Run is open to runners of all levels who want to belong to a dynamic, fun and supportive trail running community.

Our History

From late 2016 until March 2020, the Kathmandu Salomon Run Club ran in Christchurch on a Thursday evening. With the beginning of the Covid lockdowns and the end of the Kathmandu Salomon sponsorship, a group of friends banded together to ensure the spirit of Thursday night trail running was not lost.

Victoria Park, Bowenvale Valley, Bottle Lake Forest, Mt Pleasant, Hansen Park, Godley Head

We have two main groups that run each week: The Cruiser Group – this is a shorter, easier route and is ideal for beginners or those after an easier run. The Adventure Group – a slightly longer run, tackling more technical terrain.

All our sessions are FREE