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Kia Ora – I’m Fiona. I haven’t always felt like a runner and my running journey started as a adult when I moved to New Zealand in 2012 – Here I discovered trail running and multisport. If I’m not running, I will often be spotted out on my mountain or road bike or kayak. Feeling immersed in nature on a trail whilst running is really one of my favourite things to do. My competitive side helps me explore the many ways you can push your body physically and mentally, figuring out how to get the most out of yourself and take on the challenge of a race that both excites and scares you! 

Along with being a running enthusiast, I am a Pilates Teacher and Physiotherapist. My passion for movement really connects all these things together. I thoroughly enjoy this aspect of running –  understanding your body, figuring out how to make it move more efficiently over the trails and keeping it healthy enough to support the physical demands that running brings. Trail running can ask a lot of our bodies  and I really enjoy using my Pilates and Physiotherapy training to help other runners stay strong, resilient and injury free.

Coaching at Live to Run Trail allows me to share my love of running, movement and physical health with others. Exploring our great local trails, learning how to move better while running and connecting with others can really help make our running experience so much more enjoyable. It is my aim to offer this experience when coaching with Live to Run Trail.