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Lisa Brignull, a well-known face in our running community has been running since she was old enough to stand on her own two feet! Originally from South Africa, Lisa has lived in many cities around the globe where she has been fortunate enough to run many marathons both on-road as well as the trail road variety!
Since living in New Zealand, there isn’t a holiday that she and her family (husband, daughter, son and gorgeous dog) haven’t been to, that doesn’t involve a sneaky race somewhere in-between! Lisa lives in Mount Pleasant where the local early birds spot her out running daily, often before most people are even awake. Lisa is the proud ambassador for her local gym (F45 Ferrymead) where she attends classes daily. She reckons that the cross-training helps balance muscle groups and keeps her running strong and injuries at bay. ‘People don’t always realise that we need to strengthen our non-running muscles and give those muscles we have been overusing for running, a well-needed break – and in turn, become stronger runners!’
Lisa has always belonged to an affiliated running club since living in Christchurch, and recently joined the DGRS club, where she gets to enjoy some healthy competition (and training) with some of Christchurch’s best athletes. So, if there are any marathons you’re thinking of doing, chances are, Lisa can give you some advice. Just don’t get her started on her all-time favorite, the Comrades Ultra Marathon – that’s the race that she can inspire anyone with the will and love of running to do!