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Coach Paul Timothy

Hi all, I am Paul originally from Coventry, England. Growing up in a concrete urban jungle, I always had a strong desire and need for being in the outdoors. Since arriving in NZ in 2008 with a backpack and a one year visa, I have never looked back and feel there are so many epic adventures within Christchurch. Working as a Physiotherapist, I enjoy helping others and having the privilege to work with patients who have experienced life changing injuries or illness, and rehabilitating them back to health. This has taught me how important physical and mental health is. I have always found joy in movement; the essence of life, through trail running, road running and mountain/road biking. Running has given me the most happiness and I love how simple it is – just a pair of trainers and the path before you. For me it feels the most natural movement pattern there is. Running brings me into the now, finding rhythm in my cadence and breathing, a feeling of relaxation descends. When out running with friends or part of a pack, time disappears and the chats are the next level, deep conversations, everything and anything is discussed and a feeling of deep connection is felt; a tribe-like feeling. Running has tested me physically and mentally, teaching me so many skills which I would otherwise have not acquired. I have had so much fun running some spectacular races in NZ including top 10 placing in the Kepler and Old Ghost Road Ultra. I have also had the honour of running for New Zealand in the 2019 World Trail Champs in Portugal as well as many relaxed adventures on NZ trails. Through running, especially for Sumner Running Club and discovering the amazing trail running community in Christchurch, I have made friends for life. There is nothing better being part of an amazing community and running with other like-minded folk.