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I grew up on a small island in the Baltic Sea near Sweden. My passion for leaping headlong into the unknowns of life’s challenges & in various races from the track, cross country, multisport, ultras, adventure racing, triathlon, ironman & road cycling was likely planted through a troubled childhood and making me the coach I am today with huge inspiration from the super coach David Roche.
Living our lives is not selfish – when I see athletes embark on an adventure through running or whatever it may be in the outdoors, the world can come alive- a community comes alive sharing a passion through movement, laughter & sometimes tears – which is totally ok – it means you are human.
For the most part, I try and make running to be one of those avenues that can fill us with the self-belief that we are good enough even when we feel we fail multiple times. I like to try and bring the mindset that running can be part of the journey towards being part of a beautiful world & community even though it doesn’t feel like it when we have tough days.
If you love running – run. If you don’t- don’t run.
I don’t believe there is one magic workout or one perfect plan but what matters to me as a coach is athletes being in tune with their mental health & life’s overall stress and creating a safe place.