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Our history

From late 2016 until March 2020, the Kathmandu Salomon Run Club ran in Christchurch on a Thursday evening. With the beginning of the Covid lockdowns and the end of the Kathmandu Salomon sponsorship, a group of friends banded together to ensure the spirit of Thursday night trail running was not lost. Weekly messages were sent to everyone who could be interested. Each week a different member from our running community picked a location and led a route.

Fast-forward to 2021, and the core members of the community that kept the Thursday Night Runs going banded together to form Live to Run Trail – a logo was created, and Facebook and Instagram pages set up. Our first official run together was April 8th 2021. With our numbers growing each week, it was suggested that coaches should be brought back into the picture. The committee started reaching out to local business to secure some funding to bring back the coaches – some original and some new.

We’ve soldiered on through further lockdowns and pandemic regulations to keep this club moving forward and continuously growing.

Live to Run Trail may be a Run Club, but it is also a place people come for mindfulness, to support their mental wellbeing, catch up with friends, and spend time in our beautiful Port Hills.