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Thursday 16.06.2022

Thursday 16.06.2022

🗓 Thursday, 16th of June

🏠 Hansen Park @ 18:00 ready to run 18:15

🔦 Headtouches, appropriate winter gear

Jarrod’s run’𝘀:

When it’s Thursday come along to Handsome Park before 6:15PM for a run with me. Meet near the club rooms and come prepared to survive outside for an hour. I’ll be looking after the cruiser run of approx. 6-7km and 200m elevation.

Sia’s run:

Start 6.15pm for a Hilly loop of your choice or mine;-)

Well done to all you incredible athletes battling the winter blast last weekend and the past weeks adventures & races. Last time you told me how hardcore you all are and I certainly agree. Congrats & celebrate your efforts. So I thought this thursday my offer is likely not on par with Jarrod and his handsome team, but my offer is with inspiration from legend Coach Renato Canova who quotes:

“We run hills to build strength in the legs and in the mind”.

Is there a hill close to Hansen Park you dream of being able to run from top to bottom – let me know.

Bring appropriate gear for winter night running , fuel and hydrate enough throughout the day plus for session. Please check headlamp is charged.