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Katie Morrison

Heya, I’m Kate. I’ve been running for almost 20 years now and yet every time I lace up my shoes I still feel truly grateful to be able to move through the hills in a way that brings me such joy. I started running cross country and track as a small aussie kid and fell in love with the feeling of freedom and strength it gave me. I was picked up by a running squad and had several years of more serious training and running at state competitions in Australia. I hadn’t run trail until I moved to NZ – that’s when the real fun began. I was hut wardening at Welcome Flat Hut and I had nothing but technical trails to run on. It was such a cool puzzle figuring out how to run fast on technical terrain. While I have run a few trail races now, my favourite runs are always the long adventures in remote areas of NZ with a group of mates. I have moved a lot around NZ, but anywhere I go there is a running community out there with friendly faces to hit the trails with. Live to Run Trails is such an awesome inclusive community of people. I feel privileged to be able share my passion with you all. Catch you out on the hills!! ❤